Cultivate the love of knitting

Over 62.000 people

In live transmissions via the platform of Facebook in which we deliver free knitting lessons.

With a Future Goal

The dissemination of crochet courses, as well as the passing on of the love of knitting to the younger generation. 


Dissemination of crochet lessons

The store "Thread" was launched in October 2015. Our initial idea included learning to knit mainly with crochet and needles at a local level as well as spreading it to younger generations.

The primary objective was to increase the number of customers and, by extension, sales in the city of Kilkis. Then followed the idea of live courses in areas outside the boundaries of Kilkis such as Thessaloniki, Kavala, Athens and outside Greece such as Cyprus.

In 2020, due to the coronavirus outbreak and the quarantine that followed, the need for communication was born and we started Live broadcasts through the Facebook platform where we gave free knitting lessons.

The response from the public was unexpectedly great, online sales increased. People's love combined with the need to get in touch with knitting led within 6 months to the explosion of our online audience from 6.000 to 62.000 people.

Many ladies took up knitting as a creative hobby to fill their time by making them love it. Coming to today, we deliver classes through the Zoom platform to people from all corners of the world, of course we continue on a daily basis with our Facebook Live, which is in great demand and response from our audience.

As future goals we have set the following dissemination of courses with crochet as well as easier access to them. We would also like to foster a love of knitting in the new generation to continue.

Anita Iosifidou - Founder of Nima Kilkis